I am an aspiring-teen-journalist, I believe that everything is related back to Politics, from the food we eat (trade laws), to the clothes we wear (trade laws), to the mode and means of transport we decide to use (government policy and tax payment of the citizens), to where we decide to live (housing costs-economics/GDP/minimum wage laws – affordable housing). Since it affects everyone, everyone should be engaged. Especially the youth of today as we are the future! 😀
I am a student, and whatever I learn… I share. Please join in discussions by commenting in the comments section your opinions – if you agree with something, say so and explain, if you disagree with something SAY SO and explain. That way there will be an exchange in viewpoints, and we will be learning from each other, which will aid with developing critical thinking, and thus establishing a critical judgement.
These blogs will consist of:
discussing and analysing current affairs e.g. the refugee crisis
understanding political ideologies and whether or not they are practical – e.g. socialism.
Book/documentary/and film reviews – links will be available to access documentaries, and films.
Blogs related to Economics – Coming soon ‘The Big Short’ movie – A guide to the global financial crisis
Upcoming Events in the UK (Free) – these usually consist of intellectual discussions with a certain political ideology picked apart by proffessors in London (mainly)
Protest Coverage – mainly UK
Interview Exclusives – with politics academics, refugees etc.
If there is anything you would like to discuss in a post, COMMENT, or email me, and we shall discuss it.

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