On July 23rd, Jon Snow at Channel 4 interviewed Yemane Ghebreab (Isaias’ special adviser) on the migrant issue of Eritrea.

Jon Snow (left), Ghebreab (right) I do not own this photo, all rights belong to www.madote.com and channel 4
Jon Snow (left), Ghebreab (right)
I do not own this photo, all rights belong to http://www.madote.com
and channel 4

The interview begins with the first question “What does your government say is the explanation for 4000 of your citizens fleeing every month?”

The video went viral, many described Yemane Ghebreab as a liar due to his blatant denial of migrant numbers. Arguably, others disliked Jon Snow’s interview approach – arguing that the Presidents adviser was denied an opportunity to respond to his questions, as Jon Snow interrupted on numerous occasions.


The video is available here:

I found this interview quite interesting as it has touched on the state-owned controlled media, which highlights the achievements of Eritrea only – like illustrating the military life in a positive light. This would explain the two contrasting outlooks we receive from within and outside Eritrea.

Overall, I wish this was a longer interview, I don’t think the questions tackled in this video could be completely answered in the space of minutes. Also each response would need to be questioned. For example, I wanted to know why Ghebreab thinks that the world is painting a “distorted picture of Eritrea”?

The answers Jon Snow was looking for would obviously not have been shared by the President of Eritrea’s special adviser, (it’s his job to defend the countries actions). I would have wanted Jon Snow to allow Yemane to respond in depth, then question him based on his responses, because if what Ghebreab says is untrue then Jon Snow would have been able to pick up lies or inaccuracies in what Yemane is saying, through the data he has gathered that contradicts Yemane. That way Mr Snow wouldn’t have come across as ignorant, or unrespectable towards guests, but still outsmarted (if you like) Yemane.

It would have been ideal to hear both sides of the argument, and the person that is making the most sense and is correct would hopefully show through. You know how they say, the truth always comes out.


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